Baseball Aptitude Test
The Baseball Aptitude Test is a standardized hitting test that puts players in a game like environment and analyzes their performance for future development and college recruitment
Display your skill level for all college programs in our network
Understand where you rank amongst peers and existing college players
Learn how to improve to achieve your goals
Evaluation structure
The test is a series of different pitches with various pitch characteristics in different strike zone locations. The pitches and performance tracking is provided by Real Pitch, the first ever pitching machine able to recreate any pitch in baseball.
In the evaluation process we gather information about the players':
  • Fastball Hitting Ability
  • Breaking Ball Hitting Ability
  • Swing Decision Making
  • Pitch Recognition
  • Batted ball quality (EV, launch angle)
In addition to the data, players receive HD/slowmo video for all swings from the evaluation
The results and videos are added to each player's profile in our database and are available to NCAA programs across the country
Receive Your Evaluation
Our player evaluation process is currently provided at two facilities in the Greater Chicago Area
Slammers Baseball and Softball
28427 North Ballard Drive,
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Parkway Bank Sports Complex
27 Jennie Finch Way,
Des Plaines, IL 60018
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Indianapolis, IN
January 2022
St.Louis, MO
January 2022
Milwaukee, WI
February, 2022
Detroit, MI
February, 2022
Kansas City, MO
February, 2022