First automated pitching device for youth baseball training. It allows you to design pitches you need and sequence them for a realistic batting experience so that you can try like a pro.
Winmill Youth Baseball Trainer
Pitch Design Capabilities
Experience high level pitching to prepare yourself for the next level of baseball. Design the pitch you need by controlling:
Spin Direction
00:00 - 12:00
0 - 2000 RPM
50 RPM
40 - 75 MPH
Automated Control
Sequence up to 20 pitches you designed or chose from our pitch manual to get the best at bat experience without interrupting your practice
The unit is mobile and easy to move around so you can set it up anywhere you’re having your practices whether that’s at the practice field, batting cage or at home.
Are you interested to train like a pro, get in touch and we will set you up.
Control Application
User Experience
Control everything from your phone or tablet through our user friendly and simple application.
Pitch Manual and Player Profiles
Experience what it is like facing a particular pro player through our built-in player profiles or
experience pitching intensity from MLB or NCAA level players with the help of our pitch manual.
Setup Time
Initial setup of the unit takes less than a minute after which you can train effortlessly without any distractions.