Winmill has developed a unique training assistance and evaluation tool for ice hockey players and goalies to work on their skill mechanics and their development.
Winmill Ice Hockey Trainer
Adjustable Speed
Speed options between
40-140 km/h
Target the pucks in any place
in the goal and in the net
Puck Storage
Holds up to 40 pucks
Computer Vision
Cameras track player movement
and position in the field
Battery Life
Use the device up to 2h
Intelligent Assistant
Stores data to monitor player
progress over time
Video review
Easy to use video review tool that allows coaches and goalies to analyze sequences on shot-by-shot basis, saving time spent in manual editing and scrolling through the video files
Exercise setup
Incorporate player movement in training drills or choose from our excerise manual designed by NHL coaches to work on specific technique elements
Main Controls
Easy way to adjust the speed of the puck, plan and execute shooting sequences or use automated targeting system that looks for the open places in the net
Control Application
Download WINMILL mobile app to use with Ice Hockey Trainer